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Get Away From It All


Dreaming of a getaway to a faraway exotic land? Let us make the arrangements for you. From start to finish, Never Lost Travel strives to offer truly unique and unforgettable experiences. 

Never Lost Travel was created by Katie Fitts, a nurse with a mad passion for travel. Born a wandering soul from Charleston, SC, she has traveled all over the world and extensively throughout the U.S for both work and pleasure. In 2022 she decided to channel her own love for travel, culture, and people into curating exceptional trips for others.


Let's be honest, the last few years with the pandemic has been extremely rough for all. If we have learned anything it is that life is precious and so very short. So let's not waste another minute! For no matter where we are, we are never lost.

"Do not be afraid to leave where you are - to leave your old world behind. Be brave enough to travel to the unknown, to open yourself up to something new. Strive to see extraordinary places and meet extraordinary people. Dream with the dreamers and do what you once thought was unthinkable. Explore with the explorers and discover endless possibilities...Do not be afraid of getting lost - you may just find what you need...Listen to your heart and you will always be home. " - Bryan Anthony

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