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Welcome to the Never Lost Travel Blog!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hello Never Lost Travel Crew!

Katie Fitts here, created of Never Lost Travel. Welcome to the very first blog post of Never Lost Travel. For those of you know don't know me, I a nurse by trade but an avid traveler by choice. In 2022 I decided to create Never Lost Travel and combine my heart and passion for healthcare workers with my passion for travel. I know it has been an extremely trying few years with the worldwide pandemic, and I believe we need to live life and travel more!

I can't wait to share my love of travel with fellow nurses, healthcare workers, and avid adventurers alike! Our trips are open to any adults at this time! Later on we will be offering both nurse only trips and trips where anyone can go.

Never Lost Travel Destinations 2023

Never Lost Travel is proud to offer two destinations in our inaugural year in 2023: South Africa and Egypt. While these two destinations may share the continent of Africa, they couldn't be more different.

Egypt is exotic and mesmerizing with its ancient Egyptian history of pharaohs and pyramids and scenes of the mighty Nile River. You will simply be blown away by its rich history, warm friendly people, and stunning Sahara views. Our trips are lead by none other than the renowned Yasser Omar, an Egyptologist with over 25 years of guiding trips around his beautiful country. Never Lost Travel is thrilled to be working with him!

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South Africa also boasts a rich history and in fact hosts the "Cradle of Humankind", a place where some of our oldest ancestors are thought to have originated! South Africa's colorful African heritage is both astounding yet fraught with hardships in the bush. Tastes wines Napoleon Bonaparte himself drank in Cape Town and learn of the early trades along the Dutch East Indies Trading Route. See the big 5 animals in South Africa's lush and expansive preserves on game drives. Our trips are lead by the spunky Tim Smith of Wildside Safari Tours who is sure to keep you laughing throughout the trip!

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What You Can Expect at Never Lost Travel

Our goal is to create uniquely beautiful itineraries within small group travel. Ideally the groups will be 10-12 people for a more intimate experience. Our trips are lead by experienced guides or lead by myself as the Tour Leader with the help of local guides on the ground. The tour leaders and guides are committed to your safety and aim to exceed your expectations for a fantastic trip.

Join us for 2023 Never Lost Travel trips!

While the time has passed for booking our spring 2023 trips, we still have 2 fall trips! One for South Africa and one for Egypt and we would love to have you! Don't have a fear of missing out, book today!

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